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Kings Of Leon - Can We Please Have Fun? - Spotify Fans First Exclusive Silver Vinyl

Kings Of Leon


GRAMMY award-winning, multi-platinum rock band Kings of Leon are coming back big with their 9th full-length studio album, Can We Please Have Fun?. As the title suggests, it’s a document of one of this era’s great rock & roll bands cutting loose, trying new things, and, yes, having some fun. Recorded at Dark Horse studio and produced with new collaborator Kid Harpoon (Harry Styles, Florence + the Machine) the album sees a new side of Kings of Leon. On the new album, the band harkens back to their gritty origins while simultaneously finding new gears. It’s the sound of a band unified in vision and purpose, freed from any expectations, and the album the band says they’ve always wanted to make.

Side A:
1. Ballerina Radio
2. Rainbow Ball
3. Nowhere To Run
4. Mustang
5. Actual Daydream
6. Split Screen

Side B:
1. Don’t Stop The Bleeding
2. Nothing To Do
3. M Television
4. Hesitation Gen
5. Ease Me On
6. Seen

Limited to 4 per customer.
Available for US customers only.

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.