Jack Savoretti - "Europiana" CD


Ships on: July 29, 2024

Mintpack, 12pg booklet

Jack Savoretti returns with a wonderful new album that arrives complete with its own genre, Europiana.

Europiana is the follow-up to Jack’s breakthrough 2019 album ‘Singing to Strangers’, his third consecutive gold seller and first UK number one. While that album was recorded in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s studio, this new disc was conceived in between lockdowns at Jack’s Oxfordshire home.

“Europianaisn’t a sound. It’s references and inspirations and the emotions they evoke,” Jack says. “It’s the music of my childhood summers, remade for today.”


1. I Remember Us
2. Secret Life
3. Who's Hurting Who
4. When You’re Lonely
5. More Than Ever
6. Too Much History
7. Dancing In The Living Room
8. Each And Every Moment
9. The Way You Said Goodbye
10. Calling Me Back To You
11. War Of Words